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Flyeye is great for UAV projects! 2019 Demos.

Having the ability to view all of the air photos captured by a UAV is very useful. The vertical photos are used to create the orthophoto, but what about the oblique photos? Luckily, the obliques can be viewed in ArcMap … Continue reading

Intergeo Berlin!

We attended the Intergeo 2014 event in Berlin, Germany and demo’d Flyeye to several interested groups. Intergeo is the largest “geo / remote sensing” event in the world.

US Lidar Conference ILMF 2014

Flyeye was demonstrated to several groups at the International Lidar Mapping Forum in Denver, Colorado. The appeal of the software is: air photo data can be integrated easily the software is easy to use has some useful features and tools … Continue reading

Measuring abilities added to Flyeye

Vector overlays now supported!

Vector files can now viewed in the same window as the oblique photos. This is a major advancement as each oblique view has a unique map projection (due to the photo angle) and now supports vector files to be accurate … Continue reading

Flyeye now works with ESRI ArcMap version10.x

We have developed Flyeye to work with ESRI ArcMap version10 and added some minor detail improvements. ESRI changed from plugins to addins in version 10. Flyeye was rewritten in to support the new changes with ArcMap10.

Standalone Viewer Developed

Flyeye Standalone program has been developed. All existing Flyeye ArcGIS plugin features have been incorporated, including the option to overlay vector data.  Unfortunately the Standalone version is developed using open source software and some of the functionality is limited. The Standalone … Continue reading

Works with Trackair Midas Imagery

Flyeye works with Trackair Midas oblique camera imagery.

Coastline version created

This version of the software allows users to display photos captured of a linear feature (like a coastline or corridor). All of the photos are seamlessly integrated, so that any location on the map that the user selects , the … Continue reading

Flyeye developed for viewing air photos taken from any orientation.

A photo viewing program was developed for viewing air photos taken from ANY orientation (vertical, low oblique, high oblique, reconnaissance). The viewer was developed as an ArcView plugin as ESRI is the world’s most common GIS.