Q: Do you need ArcMap to use Flyeye?
A: Yes. Flyeye is an ESRI add-in program.


Q: Does Flyeye work with all ESRI products?
A: Flyeye works with newer versions of ArcInfo and ArcMap. ArcMap versions 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 work flawlessly with Flyeye. Flyeye also works with older versions of ArcView 8.x and 9.x, but the vector overlay and measurements features does not work with these older versions.


Q: How much does the Flyeye plugin cost?
A: A single project can be integrated into Flyeye for a low cost, but we are seeking long term clients.  We can the integration your data and email you the project file with the latest version of Flyeye (it doesn’t matter how many photos are in the project), or you can purchase a full version of Flyeye and do your own integrations.


Q: Does Flyeye have licensing restrictions?
A: No. Our approach to the cost and licensing of Flyeye is quite unique… Rather than selling a individual licenses of Flyeye (with licensing restrictions and dongles), we have opted for an easier method. You send us the exterior orientation (EO) file for the photos, we encrypt the EO file and return it to you with a copy of  Flyeye. The software will only display photos with an encrypted EO, photos with non-encrypted EO cannot be viewed. Since the clients can only view encrypted photos that you have supplied to them, the software does not need licensing restrictions or cumbersome software dongles. You are free to distribute the software to all of you clients without any restrictions.


Q: What is needed for the photos to be compatible with Flyeye?
A: Any frame-based air photos can be used with Flyeye, including large format photos (Ultracam), medium format photos (Phase One iXA, Leica RCD30, Trimble, Pentax 645Z, etc), 35mm format photos (Nikon, Canon), and APS-C format UAV photos (Sensefly, Timble UX5, Quast UAV, Zepher, etc). A camera calibration file can be used (if the clkient has). A DEM is also needed. If you do not have a DEM, a free worldwide DEM can be used.


Q: What conventional photogrammetry programs can be used to georeference individual air photos and derive each photo’s exterior orientation (EO)?
A: Most conventional photogrammetry programs will export exterior orientation (EO) values for vertical air photos. Some of our favorite photogrammetry software is: Inpho MatchAT, PCI Orthoengine, Leica Photogrammetry Suite, Socet Set, Pix4d, Ensomosaic, and Photoscan. Please note that some photogrammetry programs have difficulty with oblique air photos, but MatchAT, Socet Set, Photoscan, and Pix4d are capable of processing close-range and oblique air photos.  A GPS/IMU data can be used for georeferencing of photos. Applanix & Novatel systems work directly.


Q: What is required for integrating your photos into Flyeye?
A: 1) the photos, 2) a position file for each photo (the exterior orientation), 3) a camera calibration file, and 4) and digital elevation file (DEM).


Q: Can the program measure tree heights?
A: Yes. The program can accurately measure any above ground feature (trees, buildings, walls, etc).


Q: Maybe Flyeye is the right tool for your aerial mapping company?
A: We are seeking aerial photography / mapping companies to become an authorized reseller of Flyeye to their existing customers. Ideally, we can establish a particular aerial photo company, to be the sole provider for their country of operations.


Q: Is Flyeye customizable?
A: Yes. Since we are the developers of the program, we can easily customize it for your application. Potential customizations include: 1) renaming the program, 2) making separate version in a different language, 3) custom icons and tools. It is possible to create new tools as requested by clients. If there is a particular tool you would like to have on a future release, please inquire and we will see about adding it.