What is Flyeye?

Flyeye is a program that displays air photos as georeferenced imagery based on photo positional information. Photos from any orientation can be displayed (vertical photos, low oblique photos, high oblique photos, historical air photos) as long as each photo has exterior orientation data. Flyeye is available as three different versions:

  1. ArcMap add-in for displaying oblique air photos.
  2. ArcMap add-in for displaying the outer sections of vertical photos as “pseudo-oblique” imagery.
  3. ArcMap add-in for omni-directional reconnaissance photos (like for a coastline).


Using the Flyeye plug-in, users can display georeferenced air photos taken from any orientation in a separate window. The oblique windows can be arranged to display the photos and accompanying map data is a variety of configurations to suit the user.

Flyeye uses the exterior orientation (EO) of each photo to properly display the correct location of the photo. In order to obtain exterior orientation each air photo has to be georeferenced (using conventional photogrammetry software) and it’s exterior orientation exported.

The exterior orientation equation that Flyeye uses is the industry standard, based on the equation from Moffitt and Mikhail, 1980, Photogrammetry 3rd Ed. (chapters 6 and Appendix A.3).